Consumers durable / Home Appliances:

In the current market scenario global consumer durables / home appliances industry is constantly facing challenges like innovative design to meet consumer expectations,  cost reduction / optimization to be competitive in market, shorten product launch cycle time and changing consumer preference & economic fluctuations.

These challenging factors have increased the need for greater collaboration between OEMs and suppliers for better product, technology, process and to achieve the business goals.

At Ace Brain we are aware about above challenges face by consumer durables / home appliances companies, and we support OEMs & tier 1 suppliers as a seamless extension of their Design Engineering team with cost effective engg design, CAD/CAE services & solutions in short and long term which helps your Engg design team in innovative design and quick project execution with low cost, good quality & standard.

Ace Brain has good Design Engg, CAD/CAE experience in this industry / domain and executed several projects successfully for global customers. 


"Awesome Awesome job!!!!!  I'm speechless....   I am so happy right now.....   Wonderful job. I'm just so excited right now I can't think.... finally a working product… thanks to you guys.   Thanks. GREAT JOB!!”

A Consumer Durable product inventor from USA.

“We are very happy to have Ace Brain as our delivery partner for our CAD & CAE projects from last more than 2 year.  Ace Brain is a seamless extension of our Engg design centre.”

CEO – A leading Engg Design Services Co in USA.