Automotive - Some of Major Projects Handled

CAD - Design Projects  :

  • 3D CAD Modelling, Detailing & drafting of a luxury bus coach.
  • Preparation of 3D CAD model of 15seater & 26 seater mini bus body, parts, sub assemblies, interior & exterior trimming parts, detail     engineering & release of 2D production drawings with bill of material.
  • 3D CAD Modelling, detailing of interior parts from given concepts / ‘A’ class surfaces
  • 3D CAD modelling, detailing & drafting of Engine, Transmission parts & assembly.
  • Design of Seating systems & mechanism.
  • Design Modification of seating.
  • Design Modification (wheel base) of a utility vehicle.
  • Reverse engineering of many Auto parts & assemblies.   
  • CAD data conversion / migration of several auto parts & assemblies.
  • Rapid prototyping of front grill & wheel cover for a passenger car.


CAE - Design Analysis Projects :

  • Rollover analysis of a luxury bus coach & certification from CIRT as per AIS 52 bus code. 
  • CNG Bus chassis field failure analysis.
  • FE Analysis of a truck trailer under conditions like Panic braking, Bump & cornering with 25ton load & speed 120kmph.
  • Roof Crush test analysis of passenger car as per FMVSS regulations and modify the structure to increase the resisting load by 10kN.
  • Seat folding Mechanism Simulation and modifications for achieving the desired motion limits (Jerk and Accelerations).
  • Multi-body Dynamics Simulation to predict the torque required for Torque calculation of a powered seat folding mechanism.
  • CFD Simulation to predict the temperature drop in Radiator
  • Dynamic Analysis of fly wheel.
  • Fatigue Analysis of wheel rim.
  • Behavior analysis of a bearing & knuckle.
  • Thermal & Mechanical Vibration Analysis of Head Lamp assembly of a car.
  • Modal Analysis of 3 Wheeler fender -Transient and frequency response analysis.
  • Several projects on Full BIW and general metallic components meshing, Plastic components meshing, Cylinder head brick meshing.


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Snapshots of Automotive Projects