Rail Transportation

Some of Major Projects Handled

  • Product Design - Design & Development of shunting car for a monorail. From conceptualization to manufacturing drawings, Including selection integration & packaging of suitable Diesel Engine, Gear transmission system, Braking & control systems etc. further supported customer till manufacturing, erection & commissioning and test trials.
  • FEA - Dynamic stability analysis of Shunting car as per rails standard using FEA simulation 
  • FEA simulation of tow bar of shunting car
  • Product Design - Conceptual to Engg Design of Rail wagon retrofit covers from given rolling stocks.
  • CAD - Worked on many Interior/exterior CAD projects for Rail / Metro Train cabin.
  • CAD - 3D Modification of Central ceiling, Lateral ceiling & Air duct of Metro train.
  • CAD - 3D geometry concept of magnesium casting parts like Arm rest, Table tray, Dust bin & Footrest.
  • CAD - Assembly of Seat structure, Back rest Assembly
  • CAD - Seat Assembly installation in Vehicle environment.
  • CAD - Generation of installation drawings, assembly drawings, Weldments drawings along with bill of material.
  • Tool Design - Plug/pattern design, Mould design with mould lamination sequence, Panel design with lamination sequence & Jig and fixture design of panel for post lamination operations for Rail interiors /exteriors composite parts.
  • Tool Design - Design of suspension bush assembly fixture
  • FEA - Non Linear Stress Analysis in order to optimize the deflections in the coupler plate. 3 design analysis iterations were carried out to reduce the deflection to acceptable limits
  • FEA - Non Linear Stress Analysis in order to predict stress and damage due to fatigue in the lock jaw
  • CAD - 3D CAD modelling, drafting & detailing of Rail Engine, Transmission parts & assembly.

Snapshots of Rail Projects